Federica and Federico: engagement session at San Giusto in Trieste

It was a wonderful July morning, those not too hot and with a gentle breeze. We had just passed 8 a.m. and San Giusto had no one apart from us. Reviewing Federica and Federico was gorgeous. I remember that the time flown at our meet and we were perfectly in tune with many aspects. You will see it yourself in the photos, but I’ll tell you already that they are really sweet together! They were allowed to move from the moment, they were enjoying every single moment together in a period like the wedding preparations when the months running too fast. It was all so relaxed and enjoyable and this time is literally flying, again! It lacks less than a month at their wedding and after listening to some indiscretion on what will happen and what will be in that day, I know it will be a wonderful day!


Have a wonderful day,