Gaia and Giovanni: boho wedding at Borgo dei Conti della Torre

When a bride lands on Pinterest Island is the end … for the future husband! You can find inspirations of all kinds and for all tastes … I don’t know how long Gaia and I spent just to talk about this. We both came to the conclusion that with Pinterest you knows when you start, but never when you finish … it’s a kind of drug for us future brides! Gaia had anticipated me something about her wedding, but she liked to keep the details for herself, making my curiosity grow to the point! How would the dress be? And what flowers would you choose? Well, that day I was really eager to find out all this!

She was sunny and gritty and read in her eyes that she could not wait to start that crazy day! She wore her dress and, like magic, the frenzy began to rise … then her shoes and her encounter with her relatives looking to see her in her white dress. They were really moving moments. It was perfectly in time, indeed, even in advance (it almost never happens?). The location they had chosen for the reception also had a small chapel, intimate, perfect for that boho atmosphere to which Gaia had worked. The candles along the nave and a faint light that filtered from the windows made it all the more impressive. They were happy. And when they came out of the chapel and were flooded with rice … the party started!

An afternoon of total care when they spent the time laughing and joking with friends, where they were the victims of witness jokes and moved in front of the last surprise they had been prepared for that day: fireworks … A day they will remember forever!

The slideshow!

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– Vestito della sposa: Radiosa
– Fiori: Fioreria Baiutti e Fioreria Ikebana

– Cartacei e dettagli del matrimonio: DIY
– Location della cerimonia e del ricevimento: Borgo dei conti della Torre
– Catering: AG Eurocatering
– Fotografia: